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The date selection block is a tool to request appointments or a date better.

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Add a calendar widget to your heyflow that supports different date formats, date ranges and other display options such as weekdays only.

Adding the date picker block

  1. In the blocks tab, navigate to input and drag the date picker block into your heyflow

  2. Adjust the settings such as format and date ranges as needed

  3. Just publish your heyflow and you’re good to go!

Edit options

Option name



When activated, values will not be saved in our database (more info here)


Defines whether flow visitors need to fill out this field in order to proceed

Date range

When activated, flow visitors will need to provide a start and an end date

Workdays only

When activated, flow visitors will not be able to select weekends

Starting today

When activated, only dates in the future can be selected (e.g. appointment bookings)

Ending today

When activated only dates in the past can be selected (e.g. birth dates)

Start week on Monday

Defines whether Sunday or Monday is displayed as first day of the week

Date format

Select from a wide range of formats such as DD.MM.YYYY, MM-DD-YYYY or YYYY/MM/DD

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