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Label and Placeholder

In the content column, edit the label as well as placeholder text which gives hints that describe the expected value of an input field. This could be something such as a name, address, job title, or favorite travel destination.

Edit Options

Option name


Block Preset

Select one of the block presets to easily set the edit options accordingly.



Determines that the field should be focussed when the screen first loads.


Add predefined options for your users to choose from.


Require the user to enter an answer before navigating.

Floating Label

The label first appears inside the field, and when interacted with, the label “floats” above, making room for the user to input a value.

Display info below input

Add additional information below the input field, such as letting people know when a field is optional.


Add symbols and icons before or after an input field to inform people or take your design to the next level.


Adding a mask restricts the format of what can be inputted, like a credit card number or date.


Customize your error message, and have values such as emails validated on un-focus (when you click out of the field), or when the user attempts to navigate to the next screen.

Native Input Type

Native Input type determines the framework of an input field, such as a date or telephone number that has a specific layout. This is especially helpful on mobile: E.g., when you select 'tel' mobile users will not be shown the standard keyboard but the numbers pad. Also, if you select 'date', mobile users will see a native date selector. If a different input layout is shown depends on the device and its support of this functionality.

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