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The Calendly block allows your flow visitors to book meetings with you directly from your heyflow and even copy the name and e-mail address directly from the contact form.

How to set it up

  1. From the blocks tab, drag the Calendly block into your heyflow.

  2. Enter the URL of your Calendly meeting link or the meeting name in the editing panel, and your Calendly booking page will immediately appear in the preview.

    1. If you want to link to a specific meeting type, just add a β€œ/” and the name of the meeting

  3. Set the values you would like to pass from the flow to Calendly.

  4. Publish your heyflow and you're good to go!

❗ Round robin meeting calendars only work, when you insert the full URL.

πŸ’‘ Tip: If you first make the calendar booking and then refer to the flow, set a forwarding to the flow in the calendar, where you also pass the event details. You can find more information on this at Calendly.

Your link would look something like this[…]261&invitee_full_name=Name& Now you simply need to set up the variables as set in the URL. Take a look here for more information.

Edit options

Option name


Navigate after scheduling

If your Calendly block is placed in the middle of your heyflow, you can decide between different navigation options to be triggered after someone booked a meeting.

Pass values to Calendly

Pass the variables for Name and Email to Calendly to have these values prefilled when visitors try to book a meeting. You can select from all your system labels.

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