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Edit options of a multiple choice block.


With the sensitive flag, you can control which data is saved in Heyflow's database – and which isn't. The user's answers to fields with an active sensitive flag will not be saved in Heyflow's database. This also means that the answer will not appear at the results page of your flow.

A common use case for the sensitive option are fields asking for personal information such as names, believes, email addresses, etc.

No matter if sensitive or not, Heyflow is fully GDPR-compliant. All data is hosted and processed exclusively in Europe. We trust Google Cloud Platform, one of the most secure cloud computing environments in the world. Find more information here:

The sensitive option is just the cherry on top.

System Label

The system label is only visible for you, e.g., in the response email. You can set a label for the title of the block or for the options.


Given a URL such as[email protected], the search query variable 'email' equals '[email protected]'. In this case, setting this option to 'email' would automatically insert the value '[email protected]' into this input field.

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