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Calculations (formulas)
Calculations (formulas)
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Add calculations to your headline or text blocks with formulas.

By using variables, you can personalize your sales process and create custom offers for flow visitors.

Setting up calculations

  1. Highlight the text that you want to turn into a formula

  2. In the toolbar, select “Formula”

  3. Adjust the decimal places, fallback content and system label as needed

Using variables in calculations

  1. The information you want to add as a variable needs to be asked on a screen that comes before your calculation

  2. Use input fields that ask for a numeric value (you might want to consider using a mask to restrict the input to numbers only)

  3. (Set the respective input field as required to make sure the formula will have the necessary values to work with)

  4. Set the variable of the input field

  5. When setting up your formula, type "@variable" to use the respective input field's value in the calculation

If you're working with variables, you have to ask for all inputs previous to the calculation screen. At the moment, it doesn't work on one screen and would show an error message to the user.

Calculations in Responses

If you want to show flow visitors the results of your formula after they submitted their contact information but also want to see them in your response dashboard, you need to add the formula twice, once before and once after the submit event. Watch the tutorial for more information.

Edit options

Option name


Decimal places

How many decimal places should be shown in the results. At the moment, it's only possible to show max. 2 decimal places.

Fallback content

The message that will be shown to flow visitors if the calculation fails

System label

The field label that will be shown in the response dashboard

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