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Textarea is used to create a place for visitors to leave comments or messages.

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Our textarea block is an ideal tool to create a space for more interaction between you and your users.

Adding the textarea block

  1. In the blocks tab, navigate to input and drag the date picker block into your heyflow

  2. Adjust the settings such as the number of possible text rows within the field to adjust the size of the text field as a whole

  3. Edit the placeholder text, which gives a hint that describes the expected value of an input field

  4. Add a system label to make sure you are processing the data in a meaningful way.

  5. Just publish your heyflow and you’re good to go!

Edit Options

Option name



When activated, values will not be saved in our database (see here).


Determines that the field should be selected when the screen first loads


Require the user to fill-in an answer before navigating to the next screen.


Select the maximum width of the block.


Define the distance to the top, right, bottom, and left of this block.


Customize your error message, and have values such as emails validated on un-focus (when you click out of the field), or when the user attempts to navigate to the next screen.

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