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With Heyflow you can design flows and landing pages that align perfectly with your brand and make people click. You can match your flow to your brand identity by customizing anything and everything.

In this article, we will show you everything you need to know about the design options in Heyflow. If you want to learn more about matching your brand's design in detail, take a look at this video.


You can find the design options for your flow in general and the different building blocks on the left via the paint brush, or in a building block via the three dots.

In order for you to make designing your heyflow as easy as possible and consistent, our design is global. So whenever you make changes to your fonts or colors, they will be inherited in e.g. your blocks' design or headlines.


You can easily integrate your brand's colors within our primary and secondary color. Either insert your colors in HEX, RGB or RGBA. These colors will be inherited to your blocks' design presets, which makes it easier for you to later change your theme.

Also, you can set up your background color separately from your primary and secondary color or make it transparent.

πŸ’‘ Tip: Instead of a background color, you can also upload a background image to individualize your flow even more!


You can integrate your favorite fonts from over 1,000 Google fonts in Heyflow. Don't worry, all the fonts are stored on our European servers, so they are 100% GDPR-compliant.

You can change your fonts in the design under Basics and save your default and secondary font family as your theme for the flow.

πŸ”Ž Can't find your font in our library? We also provide the option to upload your own font. Take a look at this help article to learn more.

Under Headlines you'll easily find and use your selected fonts from your theme. Using your theme fonts will make it easier to change them at a later point.


This one is a true time saver when it comes to design! Instead of customizing every single aspect from scratch, with Presets you have a bunch of ready-made templates for each block, which you can then customize according to your needs.

Due to the concept of inheritance, changing the design of one block, i.e. the picture choice block, will result in a change of all picture choice blocks in your flow. This helps you to keep your flow coherent, without having to manually design each single block.

These Presets are available for almost every block and will make your life much easier, especially if you’re not a designer.

Essentials vs. Expert Mode

All Heyflow users start in our essential mode. You can already set up a mini library of fonts, colors, and styles to match your design.

Whenever you're changing to our expert mode in the bottom left corner, you'll find much more options to change your design. Especially in the design presets of our blocks, a lot more options are available for you to edit.

All Styles

In some of our plans, we provide an extra tab of all styles for our blocks. There you can find much more design variables to change.

❗ Note: All changes made under Styles will affect all of your presets of the block and overwrite changes in your presets.

If you want to learn more about this feature, feel free to contact us in the chat or at [email protected]!

πŸ”Ž Looking for more flexibility? Take a look at our CSS option here and customize your flow even further!

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