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Hasslefree appointment booking with the new Calendly block

Increase your appointment bookings with the new Calendly block!

Add Calendly to your heyflow to make it easier for prospects and leads to get in touch with you and schedule meetings with just a few clicks.

Create custom offers with Formulas

Add calculations to your headline or text blocks with Formulas.

By using variables, you can personalize your sales process and create custom offers for flow visitors.

Save the date — the new Date Picker block

Add a calendar widget to your heyflow that supports different date formats, date ranges and other display options such as weekdays only.

Do it yourself — Custom Fonts uploads

Business plan customers can now upload their custom fonts through the design tab!

All the small things — other improvements we released
in October 2022

  • Animated list loading: Make your heyflow even more visually engaging and increase conversion by animating your list blocks

  • More Input masks: Input fields now support a wider range of masks such as text and/or numbers only, German ZIP codes as well as German or US phone numbers.

  • General UX improvements: Click on a block in the live preview and you’ll be directed to the respective section in the editing panel for easier navigation and faster editing.

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