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If you cannot find your brand's font in our font library, you can also upload your own font in your flow.

This feature is not available to all Heyflow customers. Check our plan overview for more information.

๐Ÿ”Ž At the moment, you can upload your custom font(s) in .ttf or .woff files.

How to upload your own font

  1. Navigate to the Design tab and go to Basics.

2. Click the "Upload Custom Font" button under "Fonts". Select all the source files of your fonts (usually multiple .ttf or .woff files).

3. Optional: Rename your font to identify it later on. Press the escape key to abort.

4. Click the Upload Button

5. Click on the font selector and either search for your custom font or scroll to the very top to find it. Click on the name of the font to select it.

โ€‹That's it! You are now using your custom font in your heyflow!

โ— Note: Currently, custom fonts need to be uploaded by flow, so you will need to upload it for every flow individually.

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