Connecting domains is now easier than ever!

Instead of previously needing 4 records, you now only need to set a single one – making it super simple to connect domains to your heyflow. Learn here how to do it!

Measure campaign success with TikTok and LinkedIn pixels

Track and optimize ad campaigns on your favorite social media platforms! Next to Facebook pixel, you can now also connect your heyflow with TikTok and LinkedIn pixels!

Your Usage Overview get an instant summary of your
Heyflow account

Get a bird's-eye view of your Heyflow account with the new Usage Overview! Instantly see how many active heyflows you have and whether you’re coming close to your plan limits. This feature can be found in your Account overview under the Plan tab.

(If you need help upgrading your account or require more than 10 heyflows, you can always get in touch with our team by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom right corner)

The Checkbox just had a makeover 💅

Adjust your checkboxes with just a few clicks! Simply select the text you want to modify and easily change formatting, colors or add hyperlinks.
(Note: You will need to replace old checkboxes to make use of this improvement)

Duplicate blocks within and across flows

You’ve spent ages perfecting this one block that could be useful on other pages or heyflows? Just right click, select “Copy block” and paste it where you need it.

Or use these keyboard shortcuts:

  • Copy block (Ctrl/Command + C)

  • Cut block (Ctrl/Command + X)

  • Paste block (Ctrl/Command + V)

  • Duplicate block (Ctrl/Command + D)

  • Delete block (Ctrl/Command + Backspace)

(Note: Currently it’s not possible to paste picture blocks across flows, but you can still duplicate them within the same heyflow.)

Say it with pictures (and words) the new Text + Image block

Make important information stand out by attaching a picture to it or create a beautiful landing page with just a few clicks: the new Text + Image block makes it easy to combine pretty designs with powerful messages.

The Text + Image block can be found in the Display section of the Blocks tab.

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