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Tracking the visitors of your Heyflow Flow is a very effective way to optimize your flow and your conversion rates, or even remarket certain services to visitors after leaving your website. As the EU and other countries outside the EU passed strict data protection laws like the GDPR, collection of personal data underlies certain restrictions.

While clickflows built with Heyflow are out-of-the-box GDPR-compliant, you need cookie consent of your users to collect personal data when integrating analytical tools or want to use remarketing campaigns.

It's never been easier (and more stylish) to be GDPR-compliant. With the Heyflow Cookie Consent enabled, all other analytics integrations will only load after the user gives their consent.

Heyflow-Screenshot – Cookie-Zustimmungseinstellungen


Our Cookie Consent Manager is set up with a single click under the tab Integrate and Cookies.

It allows for basic custom styling and content editing in both English and German. But we already took care of that for you – the Consent Manager comes prefilled and in your heyflow's primary color!

❗ Publish your flow after activating the cookie consent to see it in action.

❗ Our Cookie Consent is only displayed in stand-alone flows, but not when embedded.

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