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Tracking the visitors of your Heyflow Flow is a very effective way to optimize your flow and your conversion rates, or even remarket certain services to visitors after leaving your website. As the EU and other countries outside the EU passed strict data protection laws like the GDPR, collection of personal data underlies certain restrictions.


While clickflows built with Heyflow are out-of-the-box GDPR-compliant, you need cookie consent of your users to collect personal data when integrating analytical tools or want to use remarketing campaigns.

In this article, you'll learn about all possibilities of integrating a Cookie Consent to your heyflow:

Heyflow's Cookie Consent

It's never been easier (and more stylish) to be GDPR-compliant. With the Heyflow Cookie Consent enabled, all other analytics integrations will only load after the user gives their consent.

Click here to learn more about our Cookie Consent.

Heyflow-Screenshot – Cookie-Zustimmungseinstellungen

Openli Integration

With our Openli integration (previously Legal Monster) you can easily add the provided Cookie Consent to your heyflow. Click here to learn more about our Openli integration.

Custom Integration via Code

If you already have a different Cookie Consent provider, don't worry. You can also integrate your Cookie Consent script via HTML or our Head Code section.

Heyflow screenshot - custom HTML code

πŸ”Ž Example: Cookiebot by Usercentrix can be implemented via a script in the Head Code.

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