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Connect a domain with your heyflow
Connect a domain with your heyflow

This article describes how you can connect your domain with your heyflow

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Before we start, you need two things:

  1. A published heyflow

  2. Access to the DNS settings of your domain

1. Set up domain in Heyflow

Navigate to your heyflow > Integrate > Domains. On this page, click Add domain, enter your domain (without https://) and finally, click Add.

A new element appears with a Setup badge. Keep this page open – we need the values in a second.

2. Set CNAME record

Open a new tab or window and navigate to your DNS settings with your domain provider (we're showing Namecheap in this guide).

On this page, enter the data as it was shown in Heyflow. The type of the record is CNAME, the host is your subdomain and the value is The TTL is Automatic.

Some providers use other names for the columns but should always be similar.

3. Connect in Heyflow

Lastly, return to your Heyflow domain connection and click the blue Connect button.

Then, the status changes to Pending. Hit refresh and see if the status updates. It usually takes a while for the CNAME to propagate.

If it's not connecting immediately, try after a few more minutes or hours. It can take up to 24 hours but usually, it's much faster.

If your CNAME is correctly set, after another refresh, the domain status switches to Connected and you have successfully connected your domain.

With the little arrow icon at the top right, you can visit your connected page.

After the status changes to Connected, it can take another few minutes for the security certificate (HTTPS/SSL/TLS) to show up. Reload our page after just a few minutes.


I want to connect a root domain (without a subdomain).

To show a heyflow on a root domain, e.g., first, you can try to set up a CNAME on that domain, using an @ as the host. However, some providers don't support CNAME records on root level. In that case, you need to set up a subdomain, e.g. www, and redirect your root domain there.

I connected my heyflow but I still can't see it.

This can be for many reasons, unfortunately.

  • Make sure you have published your heyflow.

  • Make sure the domain you're trying to connect does not point to any other service: Remove all other A, AAAA, and CNAME records for that subdomain.

You can get some more information about the current DNS settings with tools like

If you're having any other issues, please contact the support.

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