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This article will explain how to connect your domain purchased from Strato to your Heyflow.

If you haven't already created your domain in heyflow, start here.

Strato is an internet hosting provider from Berlin.

Log in to the Strato customer login and click on your domain on the package overview.

On this page, click Domains verwalten.

Here, click on the settings icon in the upper right corner.

On this page, click DNS at the top, and further down in the list of DNS settings, next to TXT und CNAME Records click verwalten.

Create a new entry here: The Präfix corresponds to your subdomain as you entered it in Heyflow. The type is CNAME. The value is flow.heyflow.domains. Finally, click on Einstellung übernehmen.

That's it. You can now return to Heyflow and complete your domain connection.

Bonus: Connect a root domain.

Strato does not allow you to set up a CNAME record on a root domain, e.g. heyflow-domain.com, only subdomains.

The solution: If you want to connect your root domain directly to a Heyflow, you have to set up a subdomain, e.g. www, and redirect your root domain to it. Under Domainverwaltung > Web Server, you have to set the Umleitungsziel as your connected URL with subdomain, e.g. https://www.heyflow-domain.de, and set the Umleitungstyp to Permanente Weiterleitung 301. Finally, click Umleitung aktivieren. Now, visitors to your root domain will be automatically redirected to the www. address.

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