Allow users to upload files that you can then retrieve with the Upload building block.

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Adding the upload block

  1. In the blocks tab, navigate to input and drag the upload block into your heyflow

  2. Adjust the settings such as format and date ranges as needed

  3. In the build column, edit the label and sub-label to indicate, for example, something such as accepted file types.

  4. Just publish your heyflow and you’re good to go!

Access to the upload files

The files are sent to you via a link in the response. By clicking on this link, the uploaded file will be downloaded automatically. However, you must be logged in to Heyflow to do this.

If you want to share the answers with people who do not have access to your Heyflow account, you can enable Link access in the Heyflow settings under Uploads, so that it is not necessary to be logged in for the download.

Edit Options

Option name



Require the user to upload a file before continuing.

Accepted file formats

Accepted file formats can be selected from a list, such as text or image formats.


Under the validation menu, add a minimum and maximum number of files users can upload.

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