Use the headline block to deliver the core message of your screen.

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The headline is the first proper information, your visitor receives about your flow. So this is an important message to deliver. Our headline block provides all the different tools to make an appearance.

Adding the Headine block

  1. In the blocks tab, navigate to Text and drag the headline block into your heyflow

  2. Type in a question or a short description, or use variables or emojis.

  3. When you select the text, a toolbar will appear that offers different formatting options, links, and calculations. You can e.g. select the heading, text color or format (bold, underline, italic).

  4. Just publish your heyflow and you’re good to go!

Edit options


  • Align: You can use this option to select the placement of the text. The text can be centred, left-aligned or right-aligned.


  • Width: Here you can adjust the maximum spread of the block and choose between S, M, L and maximum width.

  • Top, Bottom, Left, Right: You can use these options to set the distance to all sides. To do this, either use the slider or specify the exact number of pixels.


  • Visibility: Here you can select whether the block is only displayed in the mobile or desktop version or whether it should be hidden.

  • Background color: You can select a colour to be used as the background for the block.

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