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How can I add a screen?

You can either scroll down to your last screen and click on Add screen, or right-click on any screen and choose Add screen.

How can I delete a screen?

Right-click on the screen you want to delete and choose Delete.

How can I change the order of my screens?

Click on the screen you would like to move. Drag it to the wanted position in your heyflow and drop it there.

How can I copy and paste a screen?

You can either copy and paste your screen by right-clicking on the specific screen or duplicate it and then drag and drop it to the right place in your flow.

How can I rename a screen?

You can either click on the name of the screen and edit it right away, or use right-click to select the option Rename.


Right-click is not working

If you are using the trackpad on your Mac or the Apple Magic Mouse, it can be that with your current settings, the right-click doesn't work.

You may need to check your Trackpad/AMM settings to see what you have assigned as your secondary click. This will indicate what action you need to do to open the menu:

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