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Set up a Dynamic Domain that magically connects all your flows on directory-level

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The Concept

With a standard domain, one flow is available on one domain. With the Dynamic Domain, all your heyflows are available on one domain. Magically!

In addition to the flow that is served at the root of your domain, e.g. my-domain.com, the Dynamic Domain allows serving all your flows simply by adding /<heyflow-ID> at the end of the domain.

Let's assume you have set up my-domain.com as a Dynamic Domain. Further, let's assume you have 3 flows published, with the following IDs: flow-a, flow-b, and flow-c.

With Dynamic Domain set up, all your flows are available via my-domain.com:









How to set up a Dynamic Domain

Setting up a Dynamic Domain is done in two simple steps:

1 Connect your Domain

Connect your domain as you would normally. See this guide on how to connect a domain. When you have successfully connected your domain, it will look like this – with a green "connected" bubble.

2 Activate your Domain as a Dynamic Domain

Once connected, click the three dots on the right of the domain, and click "activate as Dynamic Domain".

That's it. Now all your flows are available via your domain, simply by adding the heyflow ID at the end of the URL.

The naked domain, e.g. my-domain.com, will serve the flow for which you have set up the domain in the first place. This is also where you can deactivate the Dynamic Domain.

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