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One hidden but powerful feature is the URL redirection with parameters.

An example: You have asked your visitor for her name as the variable fname and her email address as the variable email (see how here). Now, you want to redirect to your website and pass this information to your website.

With Heyflow, you can do that! In the 'Redirect URL' field of a Button block, set the variable as @variable-name, e.g., @fname or @email in the URL.

For example, you want to pass @fname and @email as search parameters to your website. The value of the Redirect URL field would look like this: https://[email protected]&[email protected].

When the user clicks the button and the values for the variables are given, the button will redirect to, e.g., https://heyflow.app?first-name=Greta&[email protected].

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