Google Analytics 4 Setup
This article gives you a step by step guide on how to setup Google Analytics 4 with your clickflow
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If you are new to Google Analytics 4 and have just finished naming your new account, skip to Step 4 – creating a new property.

1. Open Google Analytics and click Home in the left sidebar.

2. Click on Admin located at the bottom left corner of the window.

3. Click Create Property from the second column.

4. Enter all of the applicable details for your new property and click Next. (The property name is just an identifier, you can get creative!)

If you also want to create a Tracking ID for Google Analytics Universal (the version before Google Analytics 4), you can click Show advanced options and turn on the 'Create a Universal Analytics property' setting by clicking the toggle button on the right. For a more detailed guide, check the section Google Analytics 4 + Universal Analytics Property Setup.

5. Enter the remaining optional information and then click Create.

6. Select Web as a platform to set up a data stream.

7. Set up your data stream by entering your site URL and stream name. For the website URL, you can insert<your-flow-id>. For the Stream name, you can get creative – that’s just for you to identify the stream. How about “My first Heyflow”? Turn on or off the Enhanced Measurement to your preference. Then, click Create Stream.

Enhanced Measurements simply let you measure more interactions within your page, in addition to page views such as scrolls or site search. In our setup, Page Views should be sufficient to get a good understanding of how users use your flow. However, if you would like to get more insights (that might be a bit confusing at times), enable the Enhanced measurement. In this guide, we’ll continue without the enhanced measurement and just the page views.

8. After the data stream is created, you’ll see the Measurement ID. Click the copy icon on the top right of the page to copy your Measurement ID. Next, open your flow on

9. Navigate to the Integrate > Analytics tab at the top of the window inside the Heyflow app.

10. Under the Google Analytics 4 section, paste the Measurement ID. Then click Save.

If saving the Google Analytics tag does not work, try to disable your ad blocker and try again.

11. Press Publish in the top right corner to publish your flow.

Google Analytics 4 will only work after you save the updated integrations and you have published your flow.

12. You can now analyze your flow using Google Analytics 4 by switching back to the main dashboard of Google Analytics.

Great! You are now all set to use Google Analytics 4 for any reports or analysis of your data. Please allow 24-48 hours for the data to be collected and displayed in your Google Analytics dashboard.

You can also set up Google Tag Manager along with your Google Analytics 4. Navigate to our Google Tag Manager Setup page for more details!

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