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Copying of legacy blocks no longer possible
Copying of legacy blocks no longer possible

Here you'll find all answers around the usage of legacy blocks

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As of November 2022, we restricted the use of legacy blocks in build mode. The affected blocks have been removed from the blocks tab and can no longer be copied or duplicated. Check our FAQ below for further information.

Why can’t I duplicate my heyflow / screen / block anymore?

If the option to copy, cut or duplicate a screen or heyflow is greyed out, it is probably due to the usage of legacy blocks. To provide you with the best version of Heyflow and deliver a well-performing and maintained product, we need to cut outdated elements. But no worries, we’ll list applicable replacement blocks below.

Which blocks are affected?

This change concerns these 3 blocks:

  • Button (Legacy)

  • List (Legacy)

  • Simple Checkbox (Legacy)

Are there any replacement blocks I can use instead?

Of course! We still want you to enjoy your favorite blocks, so we provided updated versions of each.

  • The Legacy Button can be replaced with the Universal Button from the Buttons tab

  • The Legacy List can be replaced with either the List or Check List from the Display tab

  • The Legacy Checkbox can be replaced with the Simple Checkbox from the Input tab

What do I need to do to duplicate my heyflows or screens again?

You will need to delete the outdated legacy blocks and/or replace them with the alternatives listed above. Once all legacy elements have been removed, you will be able to copy and duplicate your screens or heyflows again.

If you need more help with this or have other questions, please contact our support team via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or send an email to [email protected].

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