Increase brand trust with Logo Bar!

There's nothing better than sprinkling in a bit of social proof to ensure new users that they're in good company when choosing your service or product!

That's why we added the new building block Logo Bar, so you can easily display clients you're already collaborating with and convince others to join them. Or show off some recently earned awards or certificates to increase brand trust.

The Logo Bar can be found in the Display section of the Blocks tab.

Always be on the safe side with Heyflow's
Cookie Consent Manager

It's never been easier (and more stylish) to be GDPR-compliant.

Our new Cookie Consent Manager is set up with a single click and allows for basic custom styling and content editing. But we already took care of that for you – the Consent Manager comes prefilled and in your heyflow's primary color!

Undo the bad stuff, redo the good stuff

You probably know this: You drag a new block into your heyflow and you accidentally place it in the wrong section – and boom, everything looks like scrambled eggs. No need to panic anymore, just click the undo button in the top right corner to make mistakes disappear.

Turns out you liked the scrambled eggs? Just press redo to undo your undo.

Keep your focus on relevant data with advanced filters

We love data. And we love relevant data even more. So we added some cool new filters and sorting capabilities to the response tab so you can have a clean overview of the responses that fulfill certain criteria or have been received in a particular time frame.

Edit text blocks in a split second

With the new tool bar you can format text and headline blocks with just a few clicks. Select the text you want to add, and magically the tool bar appears. Change between headline presets, hyperlink text or change the text color.

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