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Heyflow is now available in the Zapier app store!

Connect your heyflow with Zapier to automate processes based on incoming responses. Zapier integrates with more than 5,000 apps, so you can track and handle new responses in your tools of choice!

Check out our Help Center to learn how to integrate your heyflow with Zapier.

New Integration: Facebook Conversions API

The Facebook Conversions API allows you to measure customer actions, build audiences and unlock optimization tools.

In contrast to the Facebook pixel, this server-side API allows you to track information through your website's server, rather than through your user's browser, and therefore increases data control and performance measurement.

Learn more about this integration (and how to set it up) in our Help Center.

Organize your heyflows like a Pro

Never lose track of your heyflows again by organizing them in neat folders.

Create new folders from the sidebar and simply drag and drop your heyflows in the preferred folder. Like that, you can organize your flows by topic, category or project.

Automatically acknowledge new submissions with Response Replies

Send a follow-up email to new respondents when they have engaged with your heyflow. Personalize the content and branding (based on your Heyflow plan) as well as the sender and language to thank users for filling out your heyflow or send a custom message.

Engage users visually by embedding videos into your heyflow

Add video blocks to your heyflow to greet visitors with a personal message or share important information. Video blocks can be found in the "Display" section of the Blocks panel.

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