In line with the new engagement-dimension, Google also removed the session-based measurement of activities and introduced a more user and event-centric measurement. You can create custom events and metrics based on the data you want to collect from the users of your Clickflow or website.

In Heyflow’s Google Tag Management configuration for our Clickflows, we included several tags, which are recognized as Google Analytics 4 events immediately.

These events are:

  • niroflow_submit_success: Tracks if a user submitted its data through the Clickflows

  • niroflow_submit_failed: Tracks if the data transmission failed or not when clicking on submit (can be caused e.g., by an interrupted internet connection)

  • exit: Tracks when and where a user exits your flow

You can add custom events by clicking on the “All Events” tab in your Google Analytics 4 Property and click on 'Create event'.

Within the Event tab in Google Analytics 4, you can mark certain events as conversions. We recommend marking the “niroflow_submit_success” event as a conversion after creating it.

To see how your different screens perform in regards to your defined events, you can go to your “Pages and Screens” under the “Engagement” tab.

You can also see other metrics such as the previously mentioned engagement time on each screen, so you can analyze how long a user needs to fill out certain information. High engagement times suggest room for improvement. Is the instruction clear what information a user should provide? Sometimes it just signals that it takes a while for users to look up that particular data. For example, when asking for the specific size of the flat the user lives in, they might not have the exact flat size in mind.

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