One major change in Google Analytics 4 is the neglection of the well-known bounce rate. Instead, Google Analytics 4 now offers “Engaged Sessions”. An Engaged Session is defined as a session in which the user is engaged for more than 10 seconds, does a conversion, or views a second page.

With this new metric also comes the average engagement time instead of average session time. The average engagement time does only track the time between the first event of your website or Clickflow and the last time; but does not account for the time someone might be passively staying on your “thank you”-screen after a successful submit of their contact information. Supposedly, this new metric is more reliable because the sole focus is engaged time. With this, you can also create:

  • Engagement rate = (engaged sessions) / (sessions)

  • Engaged sessions per user = (engaged sessions) / (user) and

  • Engaged time = sum(engagement time).

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