Under the 'Audience' tab of your clickflow in Google Analytics Universal, you can access the demographics and interests of your users. By viewing demographics, you can examine how different user groups are behaving within your flow. Which screens are most relevant for the age group of 25-34? Do older age-groups have a high exit rate on specific screens? That might be when the font-size is pretty small, or the next button is not prominent enough for older people.*

Google does require plenty of data in order to display the metrics about user demographics and interest. Do not worry if you do not have data showing up right after you have set it all up. To set your Google Analytics Universal up for collecting data regarding demographics, please follow the instructions on Google's documentation under the following link:


The interests of your users can be used to specify your target within your online campaigns via Google or Facebook. Which users are most likely to click through the whole clickflow and submit the contact information in the end? It might be an idea to target these users with a higher intensity through online marketing channels.

The demographics and interests can be combined with the previous metrics to get a deeper understanding of the behavior of different user groups. With a combination of metrics, you really can dive deep into the optimization of the flow itself and your whole online marketing settings.

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