This guide will show you which metrics you can use to analyze your Clickflow based on Google Analytics Universal. It will equip you with an understanding of which metrics you can use with the goal to optimize your Clickflow and marketing efforts. In addition, a short digression in future guides will show you what the newly launched Google Analytics 4 has to offer for your flow optimization.

Google Analytics 4 does not provide all the common Google Analytics Universal metrics yet. We suggest to use Google Analytics Universal as your primary analytics tool in order to have the most complete analytic options available. Presumably, Google will fade-out Google Analytics Universal over the upcoming months in favor of Google Analytics 4. Google Analytics 4 can be used additionally and you can familiarize yourself with it for when Google ends its support for Google Analytics Universal.

This guide includes the following topics:

  • Google Analytics Universal Dashboard

  • Site Metrics

    • Page Views

    • Sessions

    • Average Time on Page

    • Entrances

    • Bounce Rate

    • Exit Percentage

  • Behavior Flows

  • Demographics & Interests

  • Channel Benchmarking

  • Custom User Segments (Audiences)

The topics above will give you a good overview of the different types of metrics and functions to get a deep understanding of your flow and marketing efforts. Use this as a base to experiment and keep in mind that the real power of these metrics is the combination. Try to understand the interaction of different age groups with your flow and the lead conversion. Look into the channel’s traffic derives from and compare them with users from other sources. Use this insight to optimize your flow and marketing efforts to fit your specific target group and optimize your lead generation even further!

Learn More About the Metrics Above

Google Analytics Universal Dashboard

Get Started with Google Analytics 4 + Universal Analytics Setup

If you are new to Google Analytics and feel that the above topics are relevant and sufficient enough to get you started, we recommend creating a Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics.

Google Analytics 4 + Universal Analytics Setup

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