By customising the header you can determine what is displayed on top of each screen of your heyflow. Super useful for branding your heyflow.

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A header refers to the section at the top of a heyflow or webpage in general. It contains information that is consistent across all or most pages of a website.

The header is separate from the main content area and the footer, and it often includes elements such as:

  • Logo: The company logo is often placed in the header, serving as a visual representation of the brand.

  • Avatar: To make your flow more personal, include our avatar block with an image of e.g. a contact person

  • Call-To-Action Buttons (CTA): Buttons that encourage users to take specific actions.

  • Progress bar: To show the user the progress of the flow, you can also include a progress bar in the header.

❗ Important: Used in the header, the progress bar will count all screens, so maybe you prefer to add an individual progress bar to each of your screens especially when using conditional logic.

Let's see how you can add a header to your heyflow!

Editing the header

Just as you can customize any screen, you can also customize the master template (see image below) – however, with a different selection of blocks. E.g., the Avatar block is unique to the header screen. Simply drag and drop your preferred building block onto the content panel as usual.

Adding the header to a screen

1. Navigate to the screen on which you would like to add a header.

2. Click Add header on top of the content panel (see image below).

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