Here is how you can connect your Heyflow flow to Slack

1. Go to the Integration page and select the Slack response handler.

2. In the first input field type the name of the Slack channel you would like to receive your notifications.

3. For the next step you need a webhook URL. To find more information about the Webhook URL and how to set it up, click here. Once you have a webhook URL for your slack app, paste it into the Webhook URL input field.

4. Click Save

That's it! You have connected your Heyflow flow to Slack

All incoming responses will now be sent to your Slack app.

Troubleshoot Slack bot permission error

A small minority of users may experience bot permission issues for their app and Slack would say that the bot is not installed in the workspace. To solve this, follow the following steps:

  1. Go to your Slack app management dashboard.

  2. Select your app and go to OAuth & Permissions on the left side navigation menu.

  3. Scroll down to Scopes and click on Add an OAuth Scope under Bot Token Scopes

  4. Select incoming-webhook from the list. This should solve the issue.

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