You have the option to change the height and width of your flow. You can also decide to pass on URL parameters that provide you with additional tracking features. We will add a guide for UTM parameters soon.

Underneath the preview, you find your automatically generated script, based on the settings you’ve chosen.

Follow the following 3 steps to embed your Heyflow flow on your website

1. Select and copy the script that appears below the preview.

Make sure to publish your flow before you embed it into your website. Only after you've published your flow, the script can be generated.

2. Open the source code of your website. If you're using a CMS system such as WordPress, Webflow, Jimdo or similar, find an HTML block where you can paste raw HTML.

3. Paste the copied script within the <body>-tag of your HTML and your flow will magically appear.

That's it! You have successfully embedded your flow on your website.

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