Make sure to publish your flow before you proceed.

Then follow the steps below to embed your flow into your website.

  1. Within your heyflow, go to the tab "Integrate" and then to "Embed"

  2. Click on "Add Embedding". This will open a bar on the right side in which you can select your website operator.

    For some operators we already have dedicated help center articles, otherwise please follow the steps below.

  3. Select your operator or "Other" and choose whether you want to embed your heyflow inline or as a popup (the latter is only possible for Pro and Business plans).

  4. Enter your domain and define the size of the embedded flow as well as other settings.

  5. Click on "Add inline" or "Add popup".

  6. Copy the given code snippets and paste them onto your website.

  7. And there you go, you've embedded your heyflow!

    If you want to make changes to the inline or popup embedding later, just go to the "Config" tab and enter your changes. After that, don't forget to replace the newly generated code snippets on your website accordingly!

You rather want to use your Heyflow as a standalone page on your website? Learn here how to connect a domain to your Heyflow.

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