With our HTML block you can easily embed a video from different platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and many more. If the videos on the platform have a share function, you can integrate them into your flow.

1. Drag a container block to the place where you want your video to appear.

The container is only necessary to add extra padding to your embedded video.

2. Select the HTML block and drag it into the container block.

3. Copy the following code into your HTML block:

<div class ="video-container"> </div>

4. Go to your video hosting page and look for the sharing button. In our case, we choose YouTube.

5. Now choose the "Embed" option.

6. Copy the iFrame code snippet.

7. Paste the copied code between your existing code inside your HTML block ("video-container"> PUT YOUR CODE HERE </div>)

If the video is displayed too narrow: Try to increase the width of the container block!

You have now embedded your favorite video into your clickflow!

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